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Let’s be honest, 99% of us don't even think about our water heater until we find ourselves:

Without hot water...

You notice a stream or sometimes a waterfall of water, cold, freezing, unappealing water.

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Family complains...

Let's face it, cold showers are not something you, or the kids will like to live with very long.

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In a tight $pot...

We want to help make sure you get the water heater that will be the best fit for you and your family.

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We ❤️ Our Customers...

We understand this was an unplanned, totally unexpected expense. So that’s why we want to help make sure you get the water heater that will be the best fit for you and your family.

🎉As Little as $39 per Month...

For as little as one cup of fancy coffee per day, instead of $1000 - $1600 upfront and settling for a unit you don’t want. Imagine getting the tankless water heater you need for NO MONEY DOWN.

💧You Can Make This a Reality...

So how about no money down and no interest for 18 months!? We can offer what the “other guys” can’t. Give us a call, and we can go over the best payment plan for you.

So why then 9/10 Oklahoman homeowners choose a traditional tank water heater? 🤔

It’s quite simple, the upfront cost. But all things considered, upfront costs rarely make a good long-term investment.

A tankless water heater system can cost from $2000 - $4000. So most homeowners settle thinking they are saving money and go with a traditional tank type water heater, when in reality they are doing themselves a disservice in the long run...


Storage Water Heater

Invented around 1889, it relies on a storage tank to maximize heating capacity. Also, Jim Thorpe called, he wants his water heater back.

Tankless Water Heater

Also known as inline, flash, on-demand, or instant water heater. It heats the water as it flows through the device, saves energy, and doesn't retain water!

Trying to figure out who you’re going to call in Oklahoma City to help solve your problem? 😱

Don't worry, we've been there before. It's not your fault, and you didn’t “plan” on spending the money on a new water heater, but cold showers are not something anyone wants to deal with.

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You've got two options...

🥇Tankless Water Heater System

🥈Traditional Tank-Type Water Heater

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Want your water heater investment to last for a long, long, time? ⏰

In the long run, a tankless water heater will be less expensive than a traditional water heater. Go tankless. It is expected to last three times longer than a conventional type water heater.

Aside from lower energy bills ⚡️📉, endless hot water 🌊, it can easily become the selling point for your home 🏡💰

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  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ John Crossett with Rapid Water Heaters replaced my 20 year old, leaking, and 1/3 full of scale water heater in 2 1/2 hours of efficient and highly skilled work! He knew exactly what to do, had all his tools and supplies handy and cleaned up afterward! I highly recommend Rapid Water Heaters company!!!”
    MJ Dossett
    Google Review
  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can't say enough about Rapid Water Heaters. John, the owner, is an exceptional young man. I found it a rare and refreshing experience to be able to do business with such a knowledgeable, professional, courteous and fair gentleman. I had been without hot water for three days, and I have my newborn granddaughter staying at our home. John went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. I will gladly recommend him to all of my friends and family. If you want the best, then call Rapid Water Heaters.”
    Lynn Lane Williams
    Google Review
  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rapid Water Heaters came to replace an existing dysfunctional State 40g unit. They were prompt, punctual and minimalists. They were very systematic with their work and left the place neat. Despite there may be others that could quote you less, John was reasonable at pricing. The unit was a Rheem 40g that came with a 6yr warranty, I hope not needing to use it after all. Will absolutely recommend him to all my friends and family for their hot water heater service and needs. Honest guy, highly recommended!”
    R George
    Google Review
  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 100% recommend using this company!! And Ask for John! Honest people who put their customers first. We needed to replace two parts on our water heater, and those were going to take about a week to get in so they replaced the entire water heater so we wouldn't have to wait. And they quoted us the best price by several hundred dollars. Couldn't be happier with our experience!”
    Kirshten Crenshaw
    Google Review
  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A very nice and hard working young man showed up for an estimate and had my heater installed before any other plumbers even called me back today. Delivered on same day service and offered us a fair price for the code upgrades we needed. 10/10 would replace water heater again.”
    Jenny Allen
    Google Review
  • “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I found this company through a friend of mine who used his service. These guys are experts in their craft. They were very fast, efficient, and clean. I had multiple quotes and they weren't the cheapest, but they were super thorough and kind. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs a water heater!”
    Devin Kelley
    Google Review

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