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    Navien Tankless Water Heater

    Say hello to Navien tankless water heaters, the leading tankless water heater manufacturer in the world.

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    Let's help you bring your home into the 21st century with a Navien Tankless water heater installed by Rapid Water Heaters!

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    Less space! Talk about making more space in your life for things that matter. A tankless water heater is a fraction of the size of a traditional tank, saving you space!

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    Picture this... you’ve been at work all day, and you finally get to go home. You prepare to take a relaxing hot bath, but then you run out of hot water after a 15-minute shower. We can change that, today!

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    Bring your home into the 21st century...

    This premium product only runs when you ask for hot water, saving you energy and money while providing endless relaxing hot water for as long as you and your family wants.

    Regular Water Heaters

    Average install price of a regular tank water heater is $1300, with an annual operating cost of $306 per year! 📈

    Make a Bad Investment

    Over a span of 24-years you are most likely to replace that water heater 2 more times! 🤔

    Over Time Expense

    $306 yearly operating cost ✖️24 years we are comparing = $7344

    $11,244 wasted over 24 years! 💸

    Meet Your Last Water Heater

    Navien is the global leader in tankless technology. Combine luxurious, endless hot water, and efficient home heating, and you get Navien!

    Navien Stands Behind Their Products

    We've all been there, the water heater dies, and you are out of warranty. Not with Navien. They offer a 15-year warranty when you have their units installed by a Navien training & certified business.

    We Only Recommend the Best

    When considering tankless water heater technology, Navien has the highest energy efficiency in the industry!

    Tankless water heater companies are not created equal...

    When considering tankless water heater technology, we only recommend the best for our customers, and Navien meets and exceeds that criteria.

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    You might as well gamble your money, most companies won't honor your warranty.

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    We also have hundreds of positive reviews between Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, etc.

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    Traditional water heaters may seem cheaper at first, but let’s be honest, the number one reason people don’t go tankless is because the “upfront cost” and they’d “rather save money.”

    This is false. Here are the facts...

    America is lagging behind, are you going to let that happen? 🇺🇸

    The rest of the world outside of North and South America ONLY uses tankless water heaters! We are lagging behind...

    We don't partner with just anybody, that's why Navien chose us! 🔧

    Partnering with the best to bring value and reliability to you, that's what we do. Navien + Rapid Water Heaters is here to offer you a 15-year warranty.

    Tankless water heaters have a life span of 24 years ⏳

    Picture this, the average life span on a tank water heater is eight years. Your investment upfront is just a bit more, but you'll be getting a much better deal over a lifetime!

    Get a tankless and never worry about instant hot water again...

    When it comes to tankless water heaters in OKC and the Metro area, we are the authority.